Nicola Marcon

Master graduate in


Projects designed during my Human Computer Interaction & Design master degree at the EIT Digital master school

The HCID programme offers courses on design and evaluation of interactive systems with a strong emphasis on user-centered design techniques. I also have a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship that tought me how to drive innovations to the market.

Since the age of 7, I have been practising karate. As a passionate karate athlete, I’ve been participating in several events all around Italy performing at a competitive level.
I’ve coached this martial art for years, training both children and adults.
I used to be an official karate regional referee.

Active member of a speleological local group.
I’ve been the secretary of an Italian club for 4 years. The activity of the association ranged between explorative and educational purposes. I had been participating in several projects with primary and high schools to unveil the great importance of the little-known underground world. In collaboration with the geological organisation present in our region, our group mapped and filed numerous caves never explored before. In a scientific perspective, our works significantly contributed to this field by providing new knowledge of the territory which can be applied in many different areas.

Moving to New Zealand was a great chance to start with some new challenges.
Trail running on Tasman trails has been one of my favorite activities to explore the beauty of such region. It is an activity that literally keeps you always on the move. It is fascinating how training can constantly shape your body and your mind

How a camera sensor can capture light has always thrilled me.
Since my teenagerhood, I used different types of cameras as an amateur photographer.
Have a look at some of my shots down here!