Portfolio Medium

Roche – iPipe

[Images are purposively on low-res. I'd be delighted to show more in detail if requested] iPipe is a Roche internal platform that enables the sharing of new ideas across the organization in order to solve business challenges. For this project, I was asked to work on the design of a new feature that allows users to submit new ideas while checking if the database already stores similar ones. The objective of this new element was twofold: ...

Roche – Storyboard

[Images are purposively on low-res. I'd be delighted to show more in details if requested] Working together with our stakeholders, I contributed to the creation of a storyboard to support the business towards the conceptualization of a holistic and personalized digital patient experience platform. A service designer and myself supported the team to improve and validate the early concept of a digital healthcare solution to positively impact early detection of lung cancer patients in the US. The ultimate goal of...

Lactate wearable

[Images are purposively on lo-res. I'd be delighted to show in more detail my current tasks] IDRO is about to launch the first wearable device that can measure lactate in real-time. The disruptive innovation behind this product opens up to new exciting scenarios in the sports domain. My role is to make sure we deliver a service thoughtful of its final users considering technical and business constraints. Being part of this project since the early stage of the PLC allowed...

The Braitenberg Nose

In the Physical Interaction & Design course at KTH, I worked on a group project where a 3D printed nose that can detect different smells and mimic human movements was designed. We participated in the student design challenge at the TEI conference in 2018, winning the best technical project award.

Master Thesis

This work sees the implementation and evaluation of a playground installation which looks at sound as the modality that can provide new and engaging play experiences. The sound design was first tested in a lab setting and later on in a Swedish preschool. 38 children between 2 and 6 years old participated in a field study that lasted for three days. The design offers children the possibility to manipulate in real-time sound properties towards collaborative play. Children directly control musical...

Movo App

This project was carried out within Developing Mobile Applications course at KTH University, Stockholm. The course gives theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the technology area for service development for mobile and handheld units. In a group project, we designed MOVO an Android application that enables users to create movie watching lists and share them within their network.  In the design process, we performed a market analysis, field studies, wireframes, think-aloud sessions, and a Hi-fi prototype of the App.

Food & Holograms

The goal of this project was to create an interactive installation that creates a novel experience for the customers of a Michelin star restaurant, ‘t LANSIK. By the use of holograms, our team tried to come up with an idea that could enrich the experience of people eating at a restaurant. Take a look at the video showing the installation designed!  

Sonic Installation

The project was developed in the Advanced Project Course at KTH University, Stockholm. An interactive playground installation was designed and field evaluated. The system comprises a set of objects that can easily be attached to trees, and which invite children to explorative play. Through pressing buttons, playing children can elicit immediate auditory feedback from the “tree nodes,” as well as manipulate a more complex soundscape of musical loops. An open-ended user test with a group of young children revealed...

Smart Canteen

This project sees the conceptualisation and evaluation of a multimodal system to improve the quality of the canteen facilities on Twente campus. The design process involved user-centered design tools and methods to translate user needs to the final concept, which was elaborated upon through conceptual models and a low fidelity prototype. We addressed problems in the campus canteen for visually impaired people (VIP), as the primary target group, and international students as the secondary target group.

VR museum experience

The goal of this study was to develop a system that enhances the interaction with virtual reality by the use of haptic feedback. Very often people are not allowed to touch the objects exhibited in a museum because the artifact has to be preserved. Within the context of virtual reality, it was opted for the scenario where participants could touch dinosaurs in a virtual museum. A multi-material 3D printing is used, consisting of flexible material with an inner hard matrix that allows for surface...